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Why KochiPad?

KochiPad is more than a launchpad, most importantly a project research platform.
The whole KochiPad ecosystem works on a revenue share model for $KOCHI stakers. On top of sharing the launchpad revenue with stakers, we will raffle whitelist spots to our stakers.
For every presale that is created on KochiPad, $KOCHI stakers can choose to enter into a raffle to win a whitelist spot. The amount of raffles they can enter is limited to 3 a day. (Coming soon)
We also offer our cutting edge referral platform to take your presale marketing to the next level. This platform will help grow your community and bring more people to view your presale page.
We have created a simple to use UI for users, it is clean, user friendly and intuitive. The KochiPad UI will be continually updated to keep it fresh and aligned with user preference.
Presales are easy to create and allows projects to focus on their marketing and communities, simply enter all the details required and the KochiPad smart contracts will do the rest!