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How to set up a Presale

This is a basic guide on how to set up a presale
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    Select "Launch Presale Now" right at the top of the main page or, click the Presale section on the left side of the website(Open the menu from top-right if using phone) and click "Make Pre-sale" . This will take you to the "Create Your Presale Page".
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    Here you will be able to choose your project name, select which chain you will use, choose the type of presale and lastly write your project description. Then select the "Create Presale" button. You will then get taken to the detailed "Presale Editor" page.
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    Our "Presale Editor" page is split into 6 major sections. Overview, Tokenomics, KYC & Audits, Whitelist, Collaborate, Release. You have the option to Save, Revert and Preview your presale by selecting the buttons on the top right of the page.


Here you can view and edit all the details from the initial "Create Your Presale" page. You will be able to choose your project name, select which chain you will use, choose the type of presale and lastly write your project description.
You will also be able to choose whether you want to use the exclusive Kochi Referrals Platform as an add on to your presale. You would enter the text and details for your projects referral platform here.
Lastly you can choose and edit your social links and the various images you want to use on your presale.


In the "Your Token" section you will input the data for you token contract address. (KochiPad will automatically find your details on chain after entering your address).
Below this you can select the "Exchange Token". This is the token or base currency you want to receive your presale raise in and pair with your token for LP. Choose a token such a stable like USDT or choose the base currency of the chain you are using i.e. BNB.
Below this you can use the "Presale Configuration" section to edit your tokenomics for your project. Here you can set your max and min buys, choose the percentage for LP, select what percentage of tokens you want for the presale, the conversion rate and the soft and hard caps.
You can then select how long you want the LP to lock for (minimum 1 month).
You will see 'Preview' to the right of the main section, here you can choose the number of tokens for LP and for the Referral Platform rewards. You can also vest a percentage of your supply here in a linear vesting contract. You can also add as many sections to your tokenomics here that will show up on your tokenomics page for your community. E.g 10% Private Sale, 5% Team etc.

KYC & Audit

In this section you are able to add KYC and Audits to your project, either upload audits or use one of our auditing partners for discounted rates.


This is where you will set the number of rounds you want in your presale. Whether you want one public round or multiple whitelisted rounds, you can add and select as you require here, choosing the length of time for each round and the dates.


Because of KochiPad's unique architecture users can add other wallets to collaborate on their presale creation. Choose and add wallets of team members so they can either view (read) the details before you launch, or, edit (write) if you want them to be able to make changes to the presale before going live. This way you can share the whole process among the team and have more security and certainty in your presale information.


When you are 100% happy with all your details you can publish it officially to the public, beware, there are certain aspects you wont be able to change after doing this.
Remember you can always save your progress and come back to it until you are sure you are ready to send it public.